Web Application

DigiAnalyst Development team provides communicating web development which includes intranet, portal and business application.

Web application is the term defining the application where the client satisfies their needs by interacting with that application. Web applications are completely different from websites. Our team members are experts in developing effective web applications which will be user friendly and engage the users in that application for a long time. We start tracking the web application when it is released to know the visitors and the duration of visitors engaging in that application.

To develop the most successful web application, it is so important to understand the financial and operational objectives of your business. We will apply our extensive knowledge and latest technology in web service standards with the intention of achieving your business goals. This ensures that your company has the necessary business process automation to remain competitive among others.

In order to develop your business online, your web application needs to be optimised for search so that clients can find your product when looking for the products and services you sell. Your product is built to provide you with opportunities to increase and maintain your search engine optimization efforts. This includes being able to easily adjust your Meta data and sitemaps so that search engines are always up to date with the latest version of your web site. For businesses who require regular changes or posts to their pages, this feature ensures that any and all updates are recognized and make an impact on your search website’s performance and use the information to  make any necessary changes to match the quantitative knowledge will make the management of your website and overall business as much easier process.

  • CMS
  • E – Commerce Solutions
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Web CRM Solutions
  • Web ERP Solutions
  • User Friendly
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