Mobile Applications

DigiAnalyst build custom mobile applications according to your needs and requirements. Whether you are a startup or an established company – we can help you extend your web or enterprise based applications to a mobile platform. Our dedicated team of designers and UI experts will work with your team to make sure the apps are designed to be intuitive and beautiful.

For mobile users, easy access to products and services depends on easy viewing and easy touch. We leverage Jquery, Phone Gap and Sencha to develop a rich HTML5 mobile experience for users. These frameworks allow us to exploit the functionality built into a newer smartphones and tablets. A lot of product / service research and comparison shopping take place on mobile, and users need freedom to search and explore. This is important to the buying process.

Front – end organization also matters. To ensure easy user access, we put the search bar right under page branding in visual hierarchy to get users what and where they want quickly. In fact, the uptick in mobile shopping usage is inspiring many of us in the development space to think mobile first, particularly with images and design for these smaller devices, then fine – tune for larger screens. We are also mindful of overcrowding and eliminate details which will distract from your brand presentation. This also applies to content because we want your customer to able to read the same content from one device to another, we advise breaking up text over multiple pages.

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